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A technical surveillance countermeasure company is a company that deals with technology that can enable a person or organization to detect instances of information breach. The companies deal in effective technological devices that can be able to detect various hidden tools that might be used to access unwarranted information such as hidden cameras and voice recording devices. The major objective of the surveillance countermeasure organizations is to be able to locate any existing limitations in the company’s communication channel which those who may harbor ill intentions to the organization may use it.

People with adequate expertise in the field of surveillance countermeasures are usually the ones who are mandated with the task of surveying the organizations. A host of methods are used when conducting the surveillance countermeasure activities

The surveillance countermeasure firms use radio receivers when trying to identify data bugs that might transmit information in any form. The fact that most data is usually transmitted through air frequencies, therefore, makes this method very convenient to use. It is somehow difficult to identify other modes of information bugs simply because they do not transmit data through use of radio frequencies. For the surveillance countermeasure companies to be able to identify these bugs, they have to deploy the use of technological knowledge and skills that are more advanced. The surveillance company may therefore use specialized equipments that are able to detect magnetic field s that are generated by the hidden bugs. The firm might as well use technological equipments that can be able to identify instances of noise that is made by the bugged electronic tools.

In order to identify the numerous instances of communication breach bugs that may have been planted in an organization, the technical countermeasure firms use different types of technology. To detect any hostile radio frequencies that the organization is not familiar with, broadband radio receivers are used. Electromagenetic fields that should not appear anywhere in the organization’s system are always detected by the use of the frequency scanner. The non linear junction detector is used by the companies to identify hidden electronic components that may be used for eavesdropping on the company. Those components of the organization’s copper wire that link to its phone and other communication channels which are of questionable integrity is usually tested by the use of time-domain reflectometry.

The practice of the company in ensuring that any form of information that is important to only the organization and should therefore not be leaked to outsiders is therefore maintained through the use of Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies. Every company and individual normally prefers some matters to remain private. The services of the surveillance countermeasure companies thus assist companies to remain secretive.

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